I feel like Entropia is dancing over my head

Outside is raining…it’s raining since this night I don’t know very well since when…water, water everywhere.

I love autumn; I love the first cold days and the first rain. I do n0t know why, but I feel good when I must stay at home thinking at it like a nest, I feel like I should have more time than 24 hours and in some sense it is so, because I can’t do anything more than stay in my space and think about all the things that fill it.

My tasks, my anxieties, my wishes…everything! There are a lot of things inside it. For first now i think to my PhD Thesis…my time is almost finished and I must, I must write down my work. Amazing sensation, enthusiasm and dread. I waste a lot of time, yes. I waste it planning my day and my work and during   this time that I take for making plans I don’t work…

It’s Sunday today, I’m at my desk and I listing the things to do…sometimes I feel like Entropia is dancing over my head!!Thesis for first so tomorrow morning I don’t will go to the gym for my morning training I think I will go early in Dep.

I have to decide if I will go to a conference in Hebron, Palestine in November. Our paper was accepted and I’m very happy but I’m scared of less time that I have for my PhD dissertation. Tomorrow I will speak with my supervisor D. and together decide.

It’s a very intriguing  period, I mean that I never feel so challenge and so anxious because if I will succeed in finish my work and  build my model this will be the proof that my intuitions are good and not eccentric scientific delirious!!

But today is Sunday and I have dedicated the morning to my favourite fashion magazine: Elle.  I think it is a very good magazine in which I can find articles about dance, art, and literature and finding some interesting news form the world of fashion and cosmetics – I’m a women and I don’t have to forget it. In the October issue there is an article about Coelho. I don’t have read his books but I have found an interesting thing that he said to the journalist. Talking about his last book placed in the fashion world he said that in Japan the word for luxury is hibumi and its meaning is: something that is completely empty with filled with only one   element  to focus. The real luxury is a women dressed in black with a little diamond at the neck…I love this definition!!!I always wear black dresses!!!

It is Sunday today and I fell like everything is possible for the next week, and if it wouldn’t be I will work to realize it…

Sei mai stata una tigre in una delle tue vite passate? Se sì, è il momento ideale per sfruttare la forza di quest’animale meraviglioso. Altrimenti, prova a immaginare di esserlo stata. Per affrontare le sfide della prossima settimana, avrai bisogno di contare sull’intelligenza di una tigre, oltre che sulla sua velocità, il suo intuito, l’olfatto, il carisma e la bellezza. Esercitati a immaginare per dieci minuti al giorno di vivere nel corpo di una tigre


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