Personal Geographies

Be Happy!!It’s Christmas Time…

I’m not one of them that hate Christmas…I’m quite bored by it…Well I think it is not important.

I’ve just revised my thesy’s Index, I have completed almost 4 chapter…now I must revise them…It is a scary duty!

I’m thinking about traces, about building maps to arrive somewhere or better to find someone. Signs, words, books, forgetfulnesses, saved items, bookmarks…everything is a map, everything could be interpreted as a path.

What are the rules? When we’re  building a city map we define the Landmarks…what are our proper Landmarks?If I will follow mine where I will find Me??

I have several consciusnesses, they talk in different time and they give me different advices. Some of them are wiser than others…but seldom I remember what they said…So I Decided to rember me what I told to myself, I started to scatter  messages, that can be understand probably only by me…It’s not strange , it is a way to communicate, to research a new way, two personality, the careful and well disciplined one and iomisodarottimiconsiglimapoiseguirlimainonso…I need to reconcile them and I don’t know if it is the right way but it is the one that I want to pursue.

This is a geography a personal geography, trying to build a map and finding Landmarks…



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